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You may be well aware of drywall partition and ceiling systems with high sound insulation performance (due to the fact that sound waves when striking the hard surface of walls and ceilings will normally bounce back). Now, you are introduced with drywall and ceiling systems with high sound absorption features (when striking the surface of walls and ceilings the energy of sound waves will be highly absorbed). Initially, it seems contradictory because materials with high sound reflection ability generally have poor sound absorption, and vice versa. Hence, what is the secret for gypsum plasterboards to have high sound insulation in one case and present good sound absorption in another case, when used as a lining board for partitions and ceilings?

High sound insulation drywall partitions and ceilings are often lined with two or more layers of gypsum boards that have smooth surfaces (either Standard Core or Fire Resistant or Moisture Resistant or Impact Resistant plasterboards can be used). Whereas, good sound absorption drywall partitions and ceilings are lined with perforated plasterboards that have numerous punched-through holes over their surfaces (the hole shape can be either round or square or long-narrow rectangular or polygonal). Depending on the holes' shape, holes' size, distribution pattern of holes over the plasterboard surface, types of sound absorption membrane/batt placed over the back of 
the plasterboard, and the air gap thickness behind the wallboard, each drywall partition or ceiling system will exhibit its own weighted sound absorption coefficient. In theory, the NRC index (Noise Reduction Coefficient - under American standard ASTM C473) or the a w index (Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient - under European standard EN ISO 11654) may have the value from 0.0 (the tested surface will totally reflect sound waves) to 1.0 (the tested surface will fully absorb sound waves' energy). Better sound absorption partition or ceiling system surely has higher weighted sound absorption coefficient. 

Until recent days, very few building projects in Vietnam are equipped with sound absorption partition or ceiling systems lined with perforated wallboards. The Sound Recording Studio at the Hochiminh city Television Broadcasting station, and the Ben Thanh theatre in Hochiminh city are among the exception. As a result, local architects, interior designers, and building contractors rarely have access to these special acoustic systems. Luckily, a tiny miracle has just happened! You are invited to visit TONG HY showroom to witness the impressive sound absorption walls lined with Gyptone  wallboards (a special perforated gypsum board of SAINT-GOBAIN group with 4 tappered edges, punched-through holes, acoustic fleece integrated at the back liner), and meet with our experts, discussing in details about practical solutions and systems of sound insulation and sound absorption for building components.

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