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  • Why is the package cost of gypsum drywall partition and ceiling systems offered by TONG HY Co., Ltd. often much higher than those of other drywallers ?    







  • Lots of consumers in developing countries are only keen in the initial price of a product or service, ignoring other costs that incur throughout the whole life time of the product. Those costs include but not limited to repairing, maintenance, and opportunity costs (due to temporary stop of using products in several days, even weeks, for repairing and maintenance, etc.). For anyone who has short view like this, it is no doubt that a gypsum drywall or ceiling system offered by TONG HY is more expensive than similar system provided by other drywallers. However, when taking into account of other factors such as customers' satifisfaction in the sharpness, fineness and unbelievable durability of partition and ceiling systems installed by TONG HY, one can see that “THE PURCHASED PRODUCTS ARE WORTH EVERY PENNIES”.


  • Being second to none in Vietnam with its cohesion team (managers, sales and customer service staff, technical supervisors and workers), all equipped with specific profound knowledge in fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, and noise absorption in the building industry, TONG HY Co., Ltd. provide their clients with products and services of oustanding quality. We achieve investors/owners' total confidence by our unique 5-year assurance program for drywall partitions and ceilings made of gypsum wallboards, calcium silicate boards, mineral fiber panels with multi-faceted benefits. A “PLATINUM BOND” comes from a highly committed team amidst numerous non-professional competitors in an infancy environment.
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