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ImageFlush jointed concealed grid ceiling, lined with 1 layer of 9mm / 9.5mm Standard gypsum plasterboard

Scope of use
  • Internal gypsum ceiling for dry areas that do not require special fire resistance (living room, dining room, bed room, work room, recreation room, etc.), suitable for all types of buildings (houses, hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, etc.).

System configuration:

  • Ceiling frame is made of high quality galvanized or aluminium/zinc coated cold rolled steel components: Top Cross Rail primary sections with maximum spacing at 1200mm centers, Ceiling Batten secondary sections (perpendicular and connected to primary sections by TCR/CB connectors) with maximum spacing at 407mm centers. Primary sections are suspended from upper concrete slab or steel/timber joists via suspension bracket + suspension rod + adjustable suspension clip with maximum spacing at 1200mm centers.
  • Steel frame complies with Australian - New Zealand standards AS/NZS 1397 (steel sheets & trips, galvanized and zinc-aluminium coated), AS/NZS 4600 (cold rolled steel structure) and AS/NZS 2785 (suspended ceilings - design & installation). 
  • Screw up 1 layer of 9mm / 9.5mm Standard gypsum plasterboard to secondary sections with the board lengths perpendicular to secondary sections. Screw length is minimum 25mm. Maximum screw spacing is 300mm in the field of the boards, and 200mm at board ends.
  • 9mm / 9.5mm Standard gypsum plasterboard complies with American standard ASTM C36 or C1396 / Bristish standard BS 1230 / Australian - New Zealand standard AS-NZS 2588.
  • Boards to be flush jointed with MARCO perforated paper tape and gypsum plaster based jointing compounds. Jointing treament consists of 3 separate coats (1st coat = 150mm wide, 2nd coat = 200mm wide, 3rd coat = 275mm wide), achieving level 4 under American standard GA-214 / Australian - New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2589-1.
  • MARCO perforated paper tape and gypsum plaster based jointing compounds comply with American standard ASTM C475.
  • No putty / mastic, no painting over the board surfaces.
  • If improved thermal and sound insulation is required, 1 layer of glasswool 50mm thick 12kg/m3 will be fit snugly on top of the back of the lining board.


  • Installed systems are assured to be free of any defects related to warping - sagging - cracking of lining boards, cracking of joints during 5 years when utilised strictly under thorough guides provided by Tong Hy Co., Ltd.
  • Service life of internal gypsum ceiling is over 50 years.

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