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Plaster based cornice adhesive compound Print E-mail
Plaster based cornice adhesive compound has the following properties:
  • dry powder, packed in 20kg plastic bag (inner layer made of polythene, outer layer made of woven polypropylene) or 20kg multi-layer paper bag (innermost layer made of paper, middle layer made of woven polypropylene, outer layer made of paper)
  • initial bonding time is about 2-3 minutes
  • working time is about 30 minutes (standard product) or 20 minutes (product made by order)
  • initial setting time is about 45 minutes (standard product) or 30 minutes (product made by order)
  • shelf-life is 8 months from the date of manufacture (unopened, stored in well ventilated - dry - not directly exposed to sun lights - off the ground - stacked not more than 15 bags)
  • specially formulated for bonding timber / gypsum cornices to wall-ceiling junctions, bonding gypsum ceiling roses to upper concrete slab or gypsum ceiling, bonding gypsum plasterboards to masonry walls 
  • when used for flush jointing gypsum / calcium silicate boards in three separate coats (bedding coat, 1st coat, 2nd coat, 3rd coat), the joints of drywall and ceiling systems will have excellent anti-cracking property
  • suitable for perforated paper tapes (priority) and self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes