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      With a great advantage of low costs, gypsum plasterboards manufactured in mainland China have been exported to a lot of countries around the world, including Vietnam and USA in recent years. Why has the public in the United States since early 2009 paid great attention to Chinese wallboards?
      Let's have a look at to grab information about drywall partitions made of tainted wallboards that cause problems to electrical, air-conditioning systems and human health at some households in USA.
      Press release from Florida authorities has revealed that gypsum core of tainted wallboards made in China and exported to USA has high concentration of sulfur and strontium.
      On April 8, 2010, the court of Eastern district of Louisiana returned a verdict, by which TAISHAN Gypsum (Shandong province, China) is penalised a total amount of 2.61 million USD. This compensation amount is allocated to 7 families living in Virginia. It is known that drywall partitions and ceilings of their houses are lined with tainted gypsum boards produced by TAISHAN Gypsum and exported to the USA in the last few years.
      Similarly, on April 27, 2010, by verdict of the court of Eastern district of Louisiana, KNAUF Plasterboard Tianjin (a subsidiary of KNAUF group, German base) is condemned for their tainted gypsum boards, by which they have to pay a total amount of 164 thousand USD to the Hernandez family living in Virginia.
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